Home Page Creation

WebdeXpress ® Online Manual

Home Page Creation

Here we create the home page content (text and imagery).

How to Create the Home Page

1. Input the page title

2. Input the page URL

3. Using the page editor tool, add text and images

Important Point: If copying text content from a Word document or other word-processing software, the text decorations or formatting may be copied over as-is. You can remove this with the ‘Clear Formatting’ tool.

4. Save your work

Home Creation

About the Editor Tool

Using this tool, you can add text, images, links and other content. To format text, highlight the portion you’d like to change and select one of the editor buttons as described below.

 Undo, Redo・・・Undo your recent work, or redo work you just removed

Format・・・Set the font size, color and formatting

Clear・・・Remove all font formatting

Font Style・・・Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Block quotes

Font Color・・・Font color, or highlight color

Alignment・・・Change the text alignment

Source Code・・・Display page source code (HTML)

Table・・・Table creation tool (recommended 100% width)

Bullets, Numbering・・・Add bullet points, or numbered lists

Indent・・・Add paragraph indents or remove them

Add Link・・・Add/Edit a link Remove Link・・・Remove a link

Anchor・・・Set a page anchor

Insert Image・・・Insert / edit an image

Horizontal Line・・・Add a horizontal line break through the page

How to Add Images

1. Click ‘Insert/Edit Image’ in the editor tool

2. In the window that pops up, click the folder icon on the right

Add Images 2

3. Click ‘Add File’ (Clicking the X next to a file deletes it)

Add Images 3

4. Click ‘Browse’ and choose the image you wish to add

Add Images 3

5. Click ‘Upload

Add Images 4

How to Edit Images

1. Select the image you wish to edit in the editor tool

2. Click the ‘Insert/Edit Image’ button

3. Set or change the image description and size, and click OK


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