Facebook Page Plugin Setup

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Facebook Page Plugin Setup

You can show the Facebook plugin on your page by embeding codes. We will introduce you how to get the embeded codes and add Facebook page plugin to your page.

1. VisitFacebook's Page Plugin

Facebook page plugin


2.  Input the settings in the red frame

Facebook Page URL:Input your Facebook page URL.

Tabs:You can type timeline, event, or message.
Use a comma-separated list to add multiple tab, i.e. timeline, event, message.

Width:The pixel width of the plugin. Min is 180 & Max is 500.

Height:The pixel height of the plugin. Min is 70


3. Set up the settings in the green frame

Use Small Header:The height of the header will be lower.

Adapt to plugin container width:Check the box if you want to embed the Facebook page in a website with a responsive design. The plugin will determine its width on page load.

Hide Cover Photo:Hide cover photo in the header.

Show Friend's Faces:It shows who likes your page with the profile images if you check the box.


4. Get Code


5. Switch from JavaScript SDK to IFrame. Select and copy all the codes in the IFrame which is highlighted in red.

6. Copy and paste the embeded codes to the page that you want to add Facebook page plugin.

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