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WebdeXpress ® Online Manual

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  • Glossary・・・Here are useful words and explanations of them when using the Wizard feature. Please note that depending on the template you choose, the location and format of the title area will be different.


ー Wizard Creation Functions ー

Click on a specific function to open the details page

*When leaving your computer during the middle of your work, there is a possibility that the system will automatically log you out for security. Please make sure to save your work before leaving the computer. If you are logged out, you can log in again normally.

  • General Settings・・・Set the site title, subtitle, keywords, meta description and copyright.
  • Theme Selection・・・Set the website design template and header image.
  • Home Page Creation・・・Create the first page that displays on your website, the home page.
  • Publish・・・Publish any created or edited pages to the live website.
  • Backup Site ・・・Backup the current state of the website as a file.
  • Restore Site・・・Download created backups to your computer, upload a backup from your computer, or restore the website from a saved backup.
  • Logout・・・Logout from the Webdexpress editor.

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